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  Shanghai Yuhuan Adhesive Co., Ltd., which was established in 1983 and has a history of more than 20 years of manufacturing special adhesive tapes, and is famous among China’s special tape manufacturers.
   We adopt advanced quality management system and concept from German and Japanese manufactures. We pay great attention to the process of production and are very careful with all the details, trying to keep improving the quality. We have developed a series of our own key products, and won a good reputation in the world such as European, American and Japanese markets. Our products are sent to the U.S.A, Canada, Spain, Australia, Germany, Iran, Japan, Slovakia, Thailand and so on.
   We are competitive in the following products: Rubber-based Foam Tape, Non-residual Foam Strips, Anti-slip Tape, Printed Duct Tape, Camouflage Cloth Tape, Carpet Tape, Masking Protecting Film, Warning Tape, Electrical Tape, Printed BOPP Tape, etc.
   Our factory is equipped with several large multifunctional coating machines, we produce glue by ourselves and do coating, auto-folding, auto-cutting, die cutting and auto packing under one roof and has substantial production capacity.
   We have full equipped testing instruments covering the testing from initial adhesion test, holding power test, tensile strength test to aging test. For each and every order we make detailed management controlling system according to our QC project, and we adopt “5S” quality management system in our workshop which can ensure to achieve the best possible quality.
   Our goals:
   To make friends with moral quality
   To make friends with quality products
   To be multi-beneficial among the customers, suppliers, staff members and the company itself
To make persistent improvement under customer’s guidance and support
To ensure customer’s satisfaction
   Let’s work together and create a bright future!
SHANGHAI YUHUAN ADHESIVE CO.,LTD. TEL:15888622780 FAX: 0086-21-57681062